Project 2.7 The Distorting Lens.

May 2016-20small.jpg

F16 1/30th Second ISO100 Tripod and Remote Shutter.

Excercise 2.7


F16 1/15th Second ISO100 Tripod.

For this first shot I wanted to show the bluebells in focus front to back. However being in the wood in bright sun was difficult light wise. I thought of the Light in Zones and took readings to give me a good shot of exposing the whole scene correctly. I have included these shots at full size so you can see the depth of field and detail in each shot.


F16 1/60th Second ISO100 Tripod Remoter Shutter release.

My second shot was more evenly lit but the wall was quite dark. So I set up the camera on the tripod and sat and waited for the sun to light up the wall. Then triggered the camera with a remote shutter release.

May 2016-20small

f16 1/30th Second ISO100 Tripod and Remoter Shutter.

This third shot shows a weed as a thing of beauty and as the whole field is in focus the beauty fills the shot front to back. To get good clear depth of field I waited until the right atmospheric conditions to get deep depth of field. I walked 10 miles with lots of lenses and my tripod so it was an all day adventure. I aimed to use F16 to capture my shots but also experimented with F22 but found the results too dark.


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