Project 1.1 Three Shots to understand Histograms.

I set my camera up and took four quick shots. They didn’t show much of a change shot to shot so I decided to put my camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter trigger to take four shots half an hour apart. This should ensure that the changes are more visible.

Image 1. Taken at 10.35am 16/9/2015.

Histogram 1Histogram 1p

You can see the shadow showing on the left hand side of the photo plus the gap between the trees also shows.

Image 2 Taken 11.05am 16/9/2015.

Histogram 2Histogram 2p

In the second shot it remains just about the same however you can see that the light has got brighter in the shadows. But the light in the gap as dropped as a cloud goes over.

Image 3 Taken 11.35am 16/9/2015.

Histogram 3Histogram 3p

The third shot shows that not much has changed in the half hour. Clear blue sky.

Image 4 Taken 12.05pm 16/9/2015.

Histogram 4Histogram 4p

In the fourth shot cloud has thickened out of shot and even though the shot looks the same the histogram shows the light has dropped. However the shadow has changed as the sun is overhead at noon,

I found this to be amazing. I knew that my camera is a sensitive piece of kit but didn’t realise how sensitive it is to the slightest change. I will investigate how my camera responds to the changes so I can use it to improve the quality of my shots.


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