Reflection on feedback for assignment 5 Photography is Simple.

This assignment was difficult to keep simple. It started with a simple idea of ice having a life like I do but grew into more. I battled to follow the brief, here I reflect on how it has made me feel and where my tutor has led my thoughts since completion.

I was pleased to read that Robert recognized the way I had jumped into the work. I wanted to keep it simple as the brief said.

I reworked the photos but this seemed to complicate them so on reflection I left them as captured. They show the conditions I was working in. However I agreed with the feedback about the framing of the last shot. So I have replaced it with the full shot which works better.

I like the way the feedback makes me think about my work. It is always honest and thought provoking. To have one photo compared to Ansel Adams is praise indeed.

I also changed the slideshow to individual photos the slideshow didn’t allow enough time to look at the shots properly.

The bulk of my work has been to correct mistakes and things like the full stop in the menu titles. I got a friend to proof read my work and corrected where necessary.

I also reflected on what I had learnt during my work and have written a piece recording this which is on my blog separately. I feel my biggest change is in the way I see. I am still nervous about street photography though. This will be my biggest challenge going forward.

I read “photography is simple. Photography is difficult”(1) by Paul Graham. I concur with the statement “photography is just recording what we see”. I was amazed that this article stated how I felt approaching the end of Express Your Vision. Photography is about seeing.
When he discusses how photography is everywhere and doesn’t cost the price of a film, I felt that the work I have completed has changed my approach. At the start of the course I took my camera and swamped myself with exposures. Most of which were just snapshots. I now think more, look and take less exposures but in my opinion take more considered shots.

I then watched “Into great silence”(2) a film about monks by Phillip Groning. It is simple and complicated at the same time. The light was beautiful and capturing people at there daily business was soothing. It made me think about how I will approach future assignments. It is obvious the filmmaker must have got to know his subjects well for them to be so relaxed allowing capture of personal things like a haircut. My favorite though was the scene of a monk sat in a doorway eating. The light is amazing, the shot is simple and beautiful. So calming.

Finally I looked at the work of Karl Blossfelt,(3) I thought I wasn’t familiar with his work but I have seen it in books before. However I hadn’t registered it has his. I can see the relationship with my work in the detail he shows. Only the scale of the subject differs. His shots are high in detail, and rich in contrast. Showing that when a simple subject is captured well it becomes beautiful.

This all made me reflect on what I had tried to do. I had tried to take simple photographs of what was in front of me. I like the fact that my environment is sublimely recorded in the series. Robert’s comment that he felt he was on the ship with me, this was part of what I wanted to achieve. I think the shots even show the ship had a 7 degree list at the time. However I could have simplified them by focusing right in on detail within the ice. I am pleased with the series, but am more pleased with the thoughts it has provoked since completing it.

The more simple we try to make photography the harder it is to achieve. However when we do achieve simplicity the result can be beautiful. I took this shot of a nautilus shell it was difficult to capture its simplicity.


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