Project 3.1 Frozen moments in time.

I decided to take photographs of water dropping into a bowl of water.
I used a standard glass bowl from the kitchen and an eye dropper. The eye dropper helped me drop water when needed and also in the quantity required. The control was limited.

I set my Camera on a tripod level with the waters surface. I then took this shot. I lit the shot with 40 Watt 700 Lumens studio light. The shot works as it captures frozen time but it’s not inspiring..

f2.8 iso800 1/1000 sec 40mm prime.

So I changed to a Canon 100mm macro lens and increased the iso to 1600 and the shutter speed to 8000th of a second. The hard part was getting the drops of water in the right place. I captured this image after 300 attempts.

f5.6 iso 1600 8000/sec

I liked the light so changed position so the light was below the subject to see what shining through the water would do to the color. I was surprised to find it came out with Orange and Red Hues. Here is the shot of the coronet.

f5.6 ISO1600 1/8000 sec.

I took over 500 photographs of which 65 were useable. This was the nearest I got to the coronet captured by Edgerton. I will redo this session using milk to see if it makes a difference. This clearly show how the shutter slices time into segments. My camera will take 5 frames per second but shows things the eye can’t see. Imagine what can be seen with cameras which capture 10s of thousands of frames per Second.


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