Project 2.3 The Distorting Lens.


Ipad-417 copy.jpg

St Pauls Cathedral at Night from Milienium Bridge London

This shot was taken with a Sony RX100 with a 18-75mm lens it is taken at iso 200 with a shutter speed of 2 seconds. The camera was stood on the bridge to get it as low as possible. It gives a distorted view of the bridge making it seem wider than it is. It leads the eye into the black to he bright lit Cathedral. The distortion makes the eye work harder.

Ipad-413 copy

This shot was take with exactly the same settings. However I held it so the camera tilted down. It really exaggerates the distortion. Plus you seem to be able to see more of the columns and detail of the building. The buildings on the right seem to have an odd bulge. And the bridge has a curve to it which is there in real life but not to the extent shown in the picture.

What is really interesting is how the top shot has a feeling of space with dark areas led into by blue lines. Whilst the second shot is forced and gives the feel of the city being on top of you and oppressive. The two shots were taken in a few seconds of each other so it is amazing how it gives two different feelings.


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