Project 4.2 Light. Layered, Complex and Mysterious.

New Picture

I took seven shots during today and found it interesting to see the change in tone of light throughout the day. I decided to take the same scene so that any variation wouldn’t confuse what the histograms were telling me.

The Histograms spike with lots of light mid day and the spike diminishes as the light drops and widens showing more tones to capture interest.

I chose the Aire Valley at Bingley as it is the view from my back garden. It is on a East West slope facing South. So has sun shining on it for most of the day. This means the level is even as the sun passes across the sky.

Early in the morning and late in the evening the histograms broaden and the level of Tone is wider giving soft details and shadows that add depth and interest to the shots. (Like shots taken with no flash or lights).


Mid morning the light got very bright and this flattened the same scene but more of the scene is well lit. (Similar to on camera flash).


After lunch cloud cover thickened for a while and the light became softer giving a diffused light somewhere in the middle. This gave the best shot in my opinion as it compromised between a flat image and an image with depth. (Equivalent to diffused flash).


The light then went back to bright light as the cloud dissipated flatten the scene.


As the afternoon passed the light slowly softened and the shadows grew in intensity.


The speed of change increased so that the reaction time to the light became shorter and shorter.


Then as sunset went the scene lost light and flattened as the light dropped. Details disappeared until it became dark. Throughout the day the amount of humidity also changed as the heat rose the haze dropped and later as the temperature dropped the haze returned adding another layer of interest to the possibilities.


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