Project 3.2Traces of time.


After looking at How Wong Kar-Wai  Chungking Express (1) on you tube I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen this film before it is fabulous. No wonder Tarrantino was influenced by it.The changing of our perception of time is such a simple trick but it plays with our mind in complex ways. It makes us believe we are in the adrenaline fuelled chases.


Francesca Woodman took long exposure images with atmosphere. Some influenced by fairy tales others by her insecurity within her body. You can see her suffering and mental  anxieties in her images, they are moving. And knowing the lady committed suicide the images may not call to us for our help, but certainly show her mental suffering.

I have neither the skill or experience to carry off such images yet, so kept it simple. Earlier in my course I talked about my fear of taking photos in the street so decided on being as invisible as possible.

I used a Sony RX100 for this work. I chickened out and worked at night to hide myself. All a little furtive this must change in the future.

On a visit to Buenos Aires I went to the area of St Martin and was taken by the colours and tones of the streets around the shopping center.

I wanted to capture the feel of the traffic moving along with atmosphere of the night.

I didn’t have a tripod so used the top of a rubbish bin as this was level.

I tried photographing the headlight but this didn’t give me the effect I wanted as the lights at the front are white and took away from the colour. So had to shoot the taillights.

after setting the camera I used 10 second delay so I could get out of the way of the lens  so to do this I used the traffic lights to ensure traffic was moving.

It sounds far more complicated than it was doing it.

I used the following settings for each shot f9, iso 100, Focal length of 10mm. Each exposure was for 1 second.

The only composition was to ensure the traffic was in the shot. Plus that the camera had  focused.




Whilst I captured movement I wasn’t happy with the compositions so when I got to London I tried again and took this shot. I used a tripod f11 iso 100 Focal Length 10mm.

However this time I looked for symmetry in the buildings.

I set  The camera and waited for something to move into the blank space. finally a bus entered the shot. So I took the exposure. I like this shot it has more impact as the found symmetry in the buildings brings your eye to the subject which is the bus. The bus shows movement because of the long exposure. The two lampposts repeat and form a geometric shape as do the windows.p

The two buildings form a frame within a frame.


Recently I took photos at Bolton Abbey firework display using the skills practised here I captured a shot of a full sequence of fireworks being set off with the abbey as a backdrop.


(1). Chung King Express. (1995). [DVD] Hong Kong: How Wong Kar-Wai.
Woodman, F. (1977). Untitled from Angels. [Photograph] Rome:


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