Reflection on feedback for Assignment 4 The Language of Light.

My work for this assignment was to take photos of an egg. I was pleased to read that my tutor liked a few some of my shots. He gave me some valuable tips to improve the shots so I have reworked the series of egg shots with an added sofbox on the flash. I also played with the output of the flash to minimise the hotspots. I couldn’t get rid of them with the kit I have. I will rethink for future assignments.

The advice to basically slow down, re-read and correct work before submission has been invaluable. I now work in word, print read and proof read then rework before copying and pasting into WordPress.

Many hours have been invested revisiting each piece of work to realign, re-paragraph and correct the spelling and grammar. Plus I have removed line separation and agree it is a much better experience to read in this format.

Referincing has also been costly in time. Especially as WordPress is not easy to edit in. So again I have been working in RefME then copying to Word to put in correct order the into WordPress. This long winded workflow is quicker than doing it in WordPress.

Reading articles on contact sheets has helped me see which shots have been rejected. However you must not obscure the work done so others may view the original photo. After all they may disagree with the choice. I had never thought about my work being art I will from now on!


The sentence starting “the camera was set to trigger” has been removed. It didn’t describe why I wanted to remove wobble. I had mounted the camera on a tripod which was extended to put it in the right position. When I pressed the shutter the whole thing wobbled. So a ten second delay allowed the kit to settle. This reinforces checking. I reread and removed the sentence as it wasn’t important to the story.

A photo in the header was suggested. I had decided to not have a personal picture in my header as I didn’t want to distract from the photos in the body of work. I disagreed but decided to give it a try to see what happened. I took some shots of water in a sonic bath. I liked the patterns. I took very dark shots to give a mood that doesn’t distract but adds atmosphere. I designed a header trying to get a 60s film feel. I like what the new header adds. And learned new skills doing it.

Once again great feedback from my tutor making me think and definitely stretching my skills.


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