The Square Mile Research and Reflection.

So I have had my first review of my work and I have enjoyed reading it and where it has taken me.

My Tutor made several observations which have made me think about what I did and why I used what I used.

The Tutor also gave some suggestions for research which I have worked on here are my observations.

The use of black and white over colour did have an impact on the emotion portrayed in the work I submitted. It was a conscious decision to use black and white photos for the following reasons.

  1. I was concentrating on one aspect of the landscape within the Square Mile.
  2. Black and White allowed me to show a the full contrast of the sandstone in each aspect of the work.
  3. The environment is quite bleak we live not many miles from Haworth Moor and Wuthering Heights so I wanted to give a feel for this environment and felt colour detracted from this.

I wanted to portray the story of this environment taking us from cradle to grave. A mix of colour and black and white could have been a nice emotional mix and I may consider this in future work.

I had never heard of Becher and Becher but loved learning about their work. I have visited the Tate Modern and seen the photographs of Water Towers kept their. On my return home I went for a walk in the Square Mile and was taken with the number of signs in the locale so decided to apply Becher and Becher principals to try to appreciate their work more.

Here is my attempt. I have started making a list of local things that could take to this effect.

I have started to read about Photography Theory as my Tutor suggested I have read Steve Mulligan Composition The Complete Photographers Guide.

I have started researching work done by Ansell Adams I love the work he did in Yosemite the compressed landscapes are fantastic.

My favourite book of Photographs is Life I have started looking at these favourites again but looking for examples of the things I have learned. Whilst it is enjoyable looking at these old friends again. It is different looking at them knowing some of the secrets.

My attempt at work inspired by Becher and Becher.

My attempt at work inspired by Becher and Becher.

I have also reworked some of the photos featured in the Square Mile Project.

Here is the first one lightened a bit making the shadows less dense.


I then went back round the route and retook two of the photos and I agree they look better for changing. The lane scene is better composed and shows more of the scene and the farm is taken straight on from slightly further away to show more of the scene.

SM-3 SM-2

I was worried about getting feedback about my work. I needn’t have worried I enjoyed reading the feedback but really enjoyed the learning afterwards.


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