Project 2.2 Lens Skills.


For this exercise I used a Canon 550d camera with a Canon 70mm to 200mm F2.8 attached. I left the controls on aperture priority and had a polarising filter on because of the glare. We were walking across Ilkley moor which has old 12th century tracks that were used for bringing wool into Bradford from the surrounding areas. These paths give great depth to the shots and as this section was on a rise they add to the shots. So I zoomed in to 200mm and took this shot at f2.8 250th of a second ISO100.


It is tightly composed focusing on the subject but doesn’t give much idea about the place we were in. However it isolates the subject well and would be a good portrait shot. The shot feels claustrophobic although the subject appears relaxed. I then followed the directions and zoomed out whilst walking forward to get the subject in the same pose and placement in the frame. I then took this second shot at f2.8  zoomed out to 70mm, 250th of a second at ISO100. Immediately I feel more relaxed lots of things have come into the shot which helps you to understand context and location. The track on the left has appeared plus a gate post to the left of the subject. This shot doesn’t feel forced or intrusive.


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