Reflection on Assignment 1 Sericulture.

In my work I was trying to tell two stories. My story around hearing a word and following it to a dream of an adventure. Secondly the story of sericulture or the art of growing silk.

My tutor liked the stories and thought I told them both well through images. However suggested that some of the compositions were too tight or I was too close to the subject. I agree I could have shown better context with different compositions.

Technically the photos were well received with suggestions of using borders to allow better handling.  Contrast was discussed with some reading materials mentioned. So I bought “Langford basics of photography”(1) and read it. It will be invaluable for future work I liked that it recommended not over working photographs in post processing.

I also obtained Liz Wells “Photography: A basic introduction”(2). which my tutor said was a book to dip into when using different types of photography. I think this will be an important point of reference for the whole course.

We discussed at length the pros and cons of Matte paper again I read about printing in Langfords Basics of Photography. I learnt that tone can be lost using matte paper but as it doesn’t have a shiny surface it offers options where tone is less important. I will print on glossy paper to compare.

One thing that wasn’t liked was the colour photos I had used at the start and the end of the story. Firstly the fact that the bulk was in black and white. I was asked to consider whether it fit within the series. I used them to show the album that started the whole process of thought. I liked that this made me think of the whole series, I hadn’t done this so this was a key learning for me.

Also the quality of these two photos was highlighted to me. I took them from the internet so I agree the quality is not the same as the photos in the body of the work. I will leave this as it shows my journey through the course. To me this is the most important to me.

I spent time looking at Alex Soth his work is stunning the light the colour the people. I wonder if I will ever capture anything remotely as good as he does. I believe there is an exhibition of his work I will make to see it.

In conclusion I like the feedback it was delivered honestly but had a challenge within it. I felt I hadn’t quite got all of this assignment this right but I had learnt from doing it. What I really liked was the direction I was pointed in to learn new skills. Plus how the feedback led me to start to think about other areas such as presentation and content. The suggested reading is excellent and is leading me into other areas of research. The whole process was enjoyable.

A big change within me is the way I have received what I would have seen as criticism previously. I now see it as signposting to new learning opportunities. I like that.

(1) Bibliography Langford, M.J., Smith, R.S., Renn, P. and Nolle, C. (2010) Langford’s basic photography, ninth edition: The guide for serious photographers. Edited by Anna Fox. 9th edn. Amsterdam: Focal Press/Elsevier. Liz, W. (2009)

(2) Photography: A critical introduction. Edited by Liz Wells. 4th edn. New York, NY: Routledge. Citations, Quotes & Annotations Langford, M.J., Smith, R.S., Renn, P. and Nolle, C. (2010).


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