Assignment 5 Photography is simple.

“Life is only a flicker of melted ice.”
― Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun.(1)

How can a simple photograph show a complex thing such as the passing of time?

Without light we have nothing to photograph. However we tend to over complicate the things we show the viewer. My aim here is to show the beauty of the ice by simply capturing the light reflected by frozen water. Good light shows the features in the ice. These features change over time like the lines on my face.

The exposures show the life stages of an iceberg. Time and weather write a story on each piece of ice.

When looking at the captured shots I asked “what are they about”. Each shot shows a huge chunk of frozen water. They shrink and weather through time. However they all have a fragile life, they are born, they live. They show the lines and marks of age. Then they die. In passing they return to their original form…..Water.

It made me think of my fragility. I like the way they make me feel, I have a better understanding of my place in the world.

My work here had to be simple as I was on duty at the time of taking them.

Frank Hurley (2) captured exposures using a complicated process in the 1900s. My work flow was far simpler. I looked for an interesting subject, set the aperture small and pressed the shutter. I endeavoured to take simple photographs capturing the passing of time in the ice.
Photography is simple, find a subject, add light and click, that`s all there is to it.


An Iceberg is born.


It stays in the nursery a while.


Then leaves home.


It seems to find stability.


Then turns upside down.


Things stabilize again.


But startsto show the journey on its face.



Lines and wrinkles appear.


Elderly but still majestic.


Finally returning to its original form………. Water!


(1) Stojanović, D. (1999) (1999) Sunce sebe gleda; English translation: The Sun Watches the Sun, Pub: Književna reč, Belgrade
(2) Frank Hurley – biographical notes (1914) Available at: (Accessed: 4 November 2016).


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