Project 3.3 What matters is to look.

1. When I thought about this I thought I would easily be able to see 1/500 of a second. So I took an old Olympus 10 camera opened the back and looked through the shutter.

1/1000 of a second nothing, 1/500 of a second nothing. I was amazed that at 1/50 of a second I was still not seeing a clear image. It started at about 1/30 of a second. The best was 1/20 of a second I registered what I had seen at this speed.

It should not have been a  suprise as this is the speed movie film is shown and we see it as fluid movement.

2. I went up to our landing and looked through the window. The frame split the view up into sections that fit the question. I looked through the viewfinder and after following the instruction took a shot. Whilst looking I was seeing the relationship between the frame and the view. The position of the window which had a weird perspective until I bobbed down to correct it. I even  saw the surround and positioned myself to get the best shot I could.

I felt as if I was seeing no really seeing. Here is the shot!



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