Project 2.4 Lens Skills. Shallow Depth of Field.


Dorothea Lange said “The Camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”.(1). This exercise made me feel this for the first time I walked around seeing photos and shots all the time with or without a camera.

So understanding the Brief I set out to find a scene with depth and to take a photo of Danny on the ship in Antarctica. I used a Canon Mark 5d Mark III, With a 70-200mm lens at just over 100mm zoom at F2.8. I was about two metres away from Danny with great light reflected off the ice and snow ashore. I focused on Danny`s eye and took this shot.

I am pleased with what the shot shows. The Ice was a good distance away the wide aperture gives a shallow depth of field so the subject is separated from the background. But the ice gives great context. The longer focal length also brings the background closer to the subject giving a great effect for the photo. It makes a great portrait whilst showing the context of the landscape we were in.Rock and Ice.jpg


(1) Meltzer, M. (2000). Dorothea Lange. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press.


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