Project 4.5 The Google Search.


This Google search produced the above images. I noted down what I Saw in my notepad and then filtered them down to 10 things I saw in the photos. Then I looked at what must be in my shots to give the same effect but in a different way. Leaving the following. (Green must be in the shot. Red use the opposite).

All these shots look like holiday adverts. Almost like the empty roads in car marketing. I wanted to show the place in a great way but not by showing Blue sky.

John Davies used traditional elements with contemporary industrial landscapes in his work. (1). I wanted to use a juxtaposition to say there is more to this place than the beach. It has mystery and secret places. Business was done in the dark in the past.


Using this as a template I produced this series of photographs.

The Image I chose for this Exercise shows the place in a new light  whilst keeping some of the components of the expected images.

The photo was taken using a tripod with long exposure. F5.6, ISO100 15 sec exposure. Lens  40mm prime.


(1). Davies, J. (2016). John Davies Shizuoka Prefecture text. [online] Available at: text.htm [Accessed 23 Aug. 2016].


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