What have I learnt in “Express your Vision?”

When I started the course I had a bag of equipment. A decent eye (I thought) and a keen enthusiasm for photography and art.

In this review I want to look at four areas Academic, Technical, Visually and What didn’t go well. I have been totally honest with myself to benefit learning in future work.

Accademic. I have enjoyed looking at the work of other artist’s old and new. My tutors have guided me on a journey in which I read books, visited galleries and relooked at work I had previously dismissed. Francis Bacon for example. I had seen his work before and to be blunt just didn’t see anything. Revisiting it with some back ground I had a sense of the artists passion and meaning.

Writing was problematic, I write as I speak. I am endeavouring to temper this but still show my enthusiasm for photography and art. In my early assignments I was glad to have finished so I just published. Now I write, review, rewrite and only then publish. I find a second or third rewrite lets me say what I want in fewer sentences  Robert helped me a lot with this.

I have never been good at taking criticism…..till now. This course has made me realize feedback is the best way to learn. In fact some of the feedback I have disagreed with most has helped me the most. I have developed an open mind and have experimented more.

Gallery visits are invaluable. In the past I have sped around and gone. Since starting the course I have slowed down savoring the work looking at its form, context and message. Then considering how the artist produced it. Afterwards reading about the artist is the perfect way to learn.

Technical. The course has improved my ability to see. The lightbulb moment was discovering Gestalt Principles. I now look for a shapes better but need to work on the action.

Greater depth of field has meant more work with a tripod I love some of the long exposures I have captured using this. Working with light both flash and natural light has started me thinking about what light is doing. It is after all the medium we use to create art.

Visually. Preparation is all important taking the time to look at what and where you are going to photograph. Thinking about light, environment and what you want to show have been my Biggest developments.Then having the patience to wait for interest to show up. I now take fewer shots to get what’s in my mind. However changing mid flow can give an element of luck needed to produce interesting art.

What didn’t go so well. I am still terrified of shooting people. I think people will not like the intrusion. I must work harder to get more from this area of work. It is my nemesis. I have tried but am extremely uncomfortable doing it. Perhaps I need to complete some shoots where I have the subjects permission to capture them.

in conclusion I have enjoyed learning about the work of others. Writing has stretched me in ways I didn’t think possible. I now feel I see differently, even as I walk around I see more shapes, relationships and messages everywhere. I am ready for the next stage of the journey.

This shot sows just how the course has changed how I see.



2 thoughts on “What have I learnt in “Express your Vision?”

  1. Looks like the canal bridge in Skipton? If you ever want to meet up and do some street photography to help get over your concerns about shooting people, give me a shout!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Andrew anytime you are free would be great to meet up I love reading your points of view on photography.

      I am moving to Skipton shortly.

      The shape in the shadow caught my eye and I caught it.

      But am still struggling with confidence.

      Love your work.



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