Project 1.4 Frame

1.41 Frame1.4 Frames

New Picture (3)I walk past this tree most days and love how it catches the light and the seasons. I decided it would be a fitting subject for this project.

The scene is made up of a tree in a field with a hill on the horizon. A wall leads through the field and gives a good line into the tree. The field faces north so gets good life in the afternoon. The sky is a big sky with nothing in it but the sky.

 Other skylines around are polluted with pylons, houses, Farms and the like. This is one of the few places just to show a simple rural view.

My camera allows the rear screen to be split into 6 segments so I used this to have different areas to compose in.

It took some concentration to just compose a sixth of the screen and to just ignore the rest of the composition.

I used a Sony RX100 MK1 handheld to take these shots the camera was set to Aperture Priority. F8 ISO80 the shutter triggered at 1/800 of a second.

The light was bright with Dappled sunlight flickering across the fields so I didn’t have long to work. I covered the six shots in just over 3 seconds and the difference in the light on the shots is remarkable.

On return to home I loaded the pictures into Lightroom and used the contact sheet setting in the print menu to create the image.

I made a composite image using Ctrl + Prt Scn  then used office picture manager to crop and edit.

I composed the tree top left to bottom right in a clockwise direction. Looking at the square containing the tree only.

Looking at the six photos as a set they are amazingly dissimilar some with sky some with field. Only two have all the characteristics of the view I see often.

These are top left and bottom right they show the field, the wall and the tree with just enough of the sky.

I thought the shot with the tree central would work best but I was wrong it works best when it is off centre making the eye work.

Whilst thinking about how my eye worked I wondered if Chinese people would see the vista differently as the read opposite to how we do…..Interesting!

I found using this technique to look at my photos really useful it quickly allowed me to choose a favourite then re-evaluate my choice.

I will use this all the time from now on.

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